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Welcome to the Ohio Attorney General COIN System
The 2019 Charitable Bingo Application is now available and MUST be submitted online. 
We have upgraded to a new Charitable License Management Portal. This new portal is easier for you to use, and enables us to process your applications more quickly.
The new system is currently available to organizations that were not licensed to play bingo in 2018 but are applying for a license to play in 2019. Representatives of these organizations should go to the new portal and register now.
Organizations that were licensed to play in 2018 and are renewing their licenses to play in 2019, please apply for your 2019 license in COIN by signing in using the Username and Password fields to the left.
Previous license data is being transferred to the new system, but user data is not being transferred. All previous users of COIN will need to register to use the new system. 
Beginning November 1, 2019, all 2019 and 2020 bingo applications will need to be completed in the new licensing portal. 
Manufacturers and Distributors
We're still working on your upgraded experience. It is coming soon!
Please continue to sign in to COIN using the Username and Password fields to the left to apply for or renew your bingo manufacturer or distributor license.